Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 3rd ser. 5 (1826), 596–605.

Recent Discoveries in Africa  [4/4]



Serial, Extract, Abstract, Travelogue

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Denham and Clapperton 1826


Exploration, Medical Practitioners, Education, Instruments, Astronomy, Imperialism, Commerce

    The account details Hugh Clapperton's visit to Sokoto, the capital of the Fulani empire [in modern Nigeria]. Clapperton describes the 'great regret' of Sultan Muhammad Bello of Sokoto at the death of Walter Oudney, 'as he wished particularly to see an English physician, who might instruct his people in the healing art'. Clapperton was sent for by the Sultan to give an account of his sextant, which 'occasioned much surprise'. He exhibited a 'planisphere of the heavenly bodies', and discovered that the Sultan 'knew all the regions of the zodiac, some of the constellations, and many of the stars, by their Arabic names'. (598) The Sultan asked Clapperton to send him from England some Arabic books, and a map of the world. He promised protection 'to as many of our learned men as chose to visit his dominions', and spoke of gold and silver deposits. Clapperton 'assured him that we were less anxious about gold mines than the establishment of commerce, and the extension of science'. (602–3)

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