Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 1 (1828), 15–16.

The Fixed Stars

William Henry




Astronomy, Instruments, Discovery, Wonder, Natural Theology, Biblical Authority

    Describes the fixed stars in general terms, referring to such phenomena as double stars and 'nebulous stars' which 'when closely examined [...] appear to consist of large numbers of small stars' (15). Describes William Herschel's discovery of an 'astonishing number' of stars 'by means of his powerful instruments'. Considers that enough is known concerning the fixed stars 'to convince us of the omnipotence of their Maker'. While the 'enlightened observer of the heavens' is 'more forcibly' impressed of divine greatness than the ignorant person, the stars nevertheless 'speak a very plain lesson' to all nations. Quotes Psalms 19. 3–4 in support of this claim. (16)

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