Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 10 (1837), 265–69.

Conversations at Carringford Lodge. No. IV. Why am I Here?  [4/8]

R C, Penryn, pseud.  [Richard Cope]


Serial, Short Fiction


Piety, Observation, Natural Theology, Ancient Authorities, Infidelity, Materialism, Astronomy, Feeling, Wonder, Instruments, Design, Eschatology

People mentioned:

James Hervey , Timothy Dwight , William Herschel

    After a brief introductory dialogue, the narrator introduces Edwin's essay on the theme 'Why am I here?'. Edwin reflects on the 'rich and extensive field' which the world offers for observation, but remarks that 'science merely human is at best but foolishness'. Refers to the 'polytheism and materialism' of philosophers in Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome. (266) Reflects at length on the attitude of humility inculcated by the immensity of space. Considers the possible final cause of comets, and records: 'It has been conjectured that the Deluge was effected by the near approach to the earth of the tail of a comet, and that the final conflagration will be brought about by a similar approach of one of these erratic planets; for in His general conduct the Almighty employs instruments to accomplish His designs' (269).

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