Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 10 (1837), 281–82.

Intellect and Instinct Contrasted



Extract, Miscellaneous

Publications extracted:

Anon 1837


Human Species, Immaterialism, Vitalism, Biblical Authority, Creation, Invention, Discovery, Matter Theory, Chemistry

    Contrasts the immaterial soul of the human species with the mortal substance of other animals. Relates this to the biblical account of creation. Contrasts the inventions and discoveries of humans with the instincts of other animals as evidence of a divine resemblance and an immaterial soul. Focuses particularly on man's 'thoughts piercing into the darkness of matter—his sharp skill and industry, applying, even changing, its contents and tendencies;—from poisons, extracting healthful—from nourishing, deadly qualities;—refining, if not creating elements; making a heat to melt the diamond, a cold to freeze quicksilver, or liquefy gases, whose re-conversion is too formidable for extensive experiment, and might convulse an hemisphere!' (281).

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