Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1829), 57–61.

The Disappointment  [2/2]



Short Fiction, Serial


Chemistry, Experiment, Agriculture, Providence, Amusement, Climatology, Piety

    Charles and Edward left the room 'with their papa, who had offered to assist them in some chemical experiments they were anxious to try', but Ellen continued to be peevish (57). At dinner, her father related to the family that he had been detained by a gentleman who had travelled thirty miles in the rain but was nevertheless glad of it as being beneficial to agriculture. After dinner the family enjoyed 'a geographical game, in which each was expected to give some account of the country, the name of which was on the card selected'. When Mrs Symonds took up the card 'Africa' she spoke of 'the intense heat of the climate, and the distress experienced by travellers, owing to the great scarcity of water', convincing Ellen of her former folly and causing her to apologize to her mother. (58)

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