Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1829), 182–90.

My Little Red Book  [1/2]

M M S, pseud.  [Mary M Sherwood] *


Short Fiction, Serial


Piety, Reading, Biblical Authority

    The narrator is one of five teenage sisters, but has alone given her parents uneasiness about her spiritual condition. She relates: 'Our parents have taken great pains, from our earliest infancy, to lead us to associate spiritual and holy ideas with the beautiful and varied works of God' (183). Following a visit to her godmother in Bath at the age of fourteen, the narrator became vain about her appearance. In January 1828, their father received a small packet from London containing little books bound in red morocco, entitled Daily Food for Christians, which he gave to his daughters on the condition that they read them every time they sat at their dressing tables. The narrator neglected hers, but her sisters related the biblical verses they read to the natural scenes outside their windows.

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