Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 5 (1832), 2–7.

"Let There be Light". Gen. i.3





Biblical Authority, Creation, Theology of Nature, Light, Piety

    Draws an extended analogy between the creation of light in the physical and spiritual senses. Observes that 'it has been well said, that "a little child may learn more from the first pages of the Bible, in one hour, than all the philosophers of the world learnt without it, in a thousand years"' (3). Relates in a literal manner the history of creation as recorded in the opening verses of Genesis. Remarks: 'The same process of creation that brought fertility to the earth, beauty, and color, and fragrance to vegetation; warmth to the air, and glory to the firmament, is necessary before in your case the moral darkness can be dispelled' (4). Discusses the nature of spiritual light, drawing parallels with physical light.

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