Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 5 (1832), 110–20.

A Sunday at Boulogne  [1/8]

M M S, pseud.  [Mary M Sherwood] *


Travelogue, Serial


Travel, Botany, Geology, Fieldwork, Publishing, Biblical Authority

    Begins by referring to the fashion of recent years 'for travellers to write tours, in which they profess themselves to be in pursuit of certain objects, to the exclusion, in a great measure, of every other. For example, one person gives us a botanical tour [...]; and a fourth gives his readers a very learned and exact detail of the various beds of granite and quartz, of argil and limestone, of gypsum and argillaceous schistus' (110). The writer professes to value 'the flowers of the field only as they are evidences of the divine love of Him, who has made them more beautiful than Solomon in all his glory' and never contemplates 'the broken strata exhibited on the sides of the mountains, in any other light than as wonderful evidences of the truth of sacred history' (111). The writer is interested instead in observing how Sundays are spent in different towns.

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