Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 5 (1832), 128–31.

The True Interest of Nations



Extract, Sermon

Publications extracted:

Wayland 1830


Progress, Christianity, Political Economy, Imperialism, Commerce

    Relates the progress of civilization in nations to the principles of the Christian religion. Associates the accumulation of capital with the spirit of self-denial and industry in Christianity: 'Thus, while inculcating, as religious duties, industry and frugality, the gospel teaches the soundest and most valuable lessons in the science of political economy' (129). Applies this principle at the national as well as the personal level, arguing that the spread of Christianity is to the commercial advantage of all. 'Hence, if we would render a nation a profitable customer, the surest means for accomplishing our object is to furnish it with the bible, the only certain means of intellectual and moral improvement' (130).

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