Youth's Magazine,  3rd ser. 6 (1833), 325–29.

The Geysers



Extract, Travelogue, Illustration; Afterword, Abstract

Publications extracted:

[Henderson 1818]

Publications abstracted:

Lyell 1830–33

Relevant illustrations:

eng., wdct.


Geology, Wonder, Heat, Vulcanology

    The article presents a lengthy extract from Henderson 1818, describing geysers in Iceland. An afterword details 'the simple and ingenious way by which Mr. Lyell, in his "Principles of Geology", accounts for these grand operations of nature', with an extracted diagram (328). A final note records that Lyell 'applies the same principle,—the agency of steam upon melted lava accumulated in cavities in the bowels of the earth—to account for the eruptions of volcanoes, and, though not absolutely demonstrated, there is every presumption in favor of its probability' (329).

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