Youth's Magazine,  9 (1836), 25–28.

Good Rules for the New Year





Piety, Amusement, Education, Botany, Pharmaceuticals, Providence, Astronomy, Theology of Nature

    Gives directions under various headings. Under 'Meditation' observes: 'The subjects of meditation are numberless, but those about which a christian should be engaged are chiefly God, and himself; concerning God, the wisdom, power, and goodness which he has manifested in the works of creation [....] These subjects furnish, likewise, an inexhaustible fund for conversation' (26). Under 'Recreation' recommends friendship and conversation with Christians, and the following: 'Botany is an amusing and instructive science. A little reading and practice will give you a competent knowledge of it. There you will learn that the weeds you trample under your feet [...] are so many alembrics in which the Almighty physician prepares healing juices and remedies for mankind. If you choose to be more extensively and yet as innocently qualified, endeavour to improve your knowledge in the different parts of natural philosophy. It will not be difficult for you to obtain a general knowledge of astronomy; so far at least as to excite your admiration of the wisdom of God who created, and who governs these innumerable worlds of light' (27).

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