Welcome to Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical, a searchable electronic index to the science content of a selection of nineteenth-century general periodicals.
The SciPer Index contains entries for over 14,000 articles and references to more than 6000 individuals and 2500 publications.

In this relaunch of the Index, direct links to online versions of the articles are now
supplied for all items where the original periodical is available open access online

   '... a remarkably rich (and free) resource for 19th-century historians. The SciPer index ... will change the way we understand how science was assimilated, debated and challenged in the 19th century'.
Prof. Rebecca Stott, Times Higher Education Supplement.
'Researchers can not only locate reports of Michael Faraday's lectures, or reviews of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, but also uncover references to their favourite scientific topics buried deep within short stories, satirical poems, travelogues and articles on other unrelated areas ... There is no doubt that the electronic index will be very helpful ...'
Aileen Fyfe, Nature.