Science in the 19th Century Periodical

Napoleon, Le (1850) BUCOP

Napoléonien de l'Aveyron (1860–70) Bibliotheque Nationale

Nation (1842–97) Weekly Nation (1897–1900) BUCOP

National Intelligencer (1807–69) BUCOP

National Magazine (1826–27) COPAC

National Review (1883–1900+) Sullivan 1984

National Advocate (1812–29) RLIN

Natural History Circular (cited 1882) BP1/3/199/5

Natural History Notes (1881–83) Waterloo Directory

Natural Science (1892–99) Waterloo Directory

Nature (1869–1900+) Waterloo Directory

Naturen (1877–1900+) BUCOP

Nautical Almanac (1766–1900+) Waterloo Directory

Neue Militärische Blätter (1875–1900+) BUCOP

Neue Preussische Zeitung (Kreuz Zeitung) (1848–1900+) COPAC

New Century (1897–1900) New Century Review (1900+) Waterloo Directory

New England Magazine (1886–1900+) RLIN

New London Literary Gazette (1827) Waterloo Directory

New Monthly Magazine (1814–81) New Monthly (1882–84) Waterloo Directory

New Review (1889–97) Waterloo Directory

New Science Review (1894–96) Waterloo Directory

New Times (1817) Day and New Times (1817) New Times (1818–28) Morning Journal (1828–30) Waterloo Directory

New World (1892–1900) Waterloo Directory

New York Advertiser (1817–36) RLIN

New York Commercial Inquirer (cited 1849) PU1/16/15/2

New York Express (cited 1849) PU1/16/12/1

New York Herald (1887–1900+) British Library Catalogue

New York Journal of Commerce (1827–93) RLIN

New York Mercantile Advertiser (1832) BUCOP

New York Observer [and Religious Chronicle] (1823–1900+) RLIN

New York Sun (1833–1900+) RLIN

New York Times (1896–1900+) BUCOP

New York Tribune (1881–87) British Library Catalogue

News of Literature and Fashion (1824–26) Waterloo Directory

Nineteenth Century (1877–1900+) Waterloo Directory

No Me Olvides (1824–27) Roldán Vera 2003

Nordisk Tidskrift for Vetenskap Konst och Industri (1878–1900+) British Library Catalogue

North American (1839–1900+) RLIN

North American Review (1815–1900+) Waterloo Directory

North British Advertiser (1826–1900+) BUCOP

North British Mail (1848–51) North British Daily Mail (1851–1900) Waterloo Directory

North British Review (1844–71) Waterloo Directory

Northern Daily Star (cited 1866) PU1/50/15/3

Northern Ensign (1850–1900+) BUCOP

North Georgia Gazette, and Winter Chronicle (1819–20) Waterloo Directory

North German Correspondent (1869–70) German Correspondent (1871–72) BUCOP

North Western Miller (Minneapolis)(1873–1900+) BUCOP

Notes and Queries (1849–1900+) Waterloo Directory

Nouvelle Revue (1879–1900+) BUCOP

Nouvelle Revue Internationale (1888–1900+) BUCOP

Nuova Antologia, La (1866–1900+) BUCOP

Nyt Tidskrift (cited 1894) RR1/9/2a/12, RR1/9/3a/3

Selborne Magazine (1888–89) Nature Notes; the Selborne Society's Magazine (1890–1900+) Waterloo Directory