Science in the 19th Century Periodical

National Association of General Practitioners

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science

National Association for the Study of Children

National Electric Light Association, New York

National Gallery

National Gallery of Practical Science. See Adelaide Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

National Society for Women's Suffrage

National Temperance League

National Vaccine Establishment

Nautilus, ship

Navy Department, Washington, DC—Steam Engineering Bureau

Neptune, Ship

Netley Abbey, Hampshire

New Brunswick Theatre

New Canterbury Music-Hall

New Cut, street

New Forest, Hampshire

New Lanark, model industrial community

New Patriotic Imperial and National Light and Heat Company

New River Company

New Sydenham Society

New Town Dispensary, Edinburgh

New York and Harlem Railroad Company

New York Fanciers' Club

New York Lyceum of Natural History

New York Missionary Society

New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company

New York Stock Exchange

New Zealand Shipping Company

Newgate Prison

Newnham College, Cambridge

Niddrie School, Edinburgh

Nobel's Explosives Company, Argyllshire, firm

Nore Lighthouse, Somerset

Normal School of Science, South Kensington

North British Railway Company

North Foreland Lighthouse, Argyllshire

North London Hospital for Consumption

North London Railway Company

North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers

Northern Pacific Railroad, United States of America

North Western Railway Company

Northern Lighthouse Board

Northern Society of Electrical Engineers

Northern Spanish Railway

Nottingham School of Art

Nottingham Spiritual Circle

Nova Scotia, ship