Science in the 19th Century Periodical

Palace de Saint Cloud, Saint Cloud

Palace de Versailles, Paris—Menagerie

Palace of Westminster

Palace Torreggiano, Florence

Palæontographical Society

Palais de la Bourse, Paris

Palais Luxembourg, Paris

Palais Royal, Paris

Panama Canal

Pan-Anglican Synod [Lambeth Conference]

Pandora, yacht

Pantheon, Oxford Street

Park End Company, Forest of Dean, firm

Parliamentary Committee on the Adulteration of Food

Parsons & Co, New York

Patent Museum and Library

Patent Wheel Works

Pattern Hospital

Peace Society

Peat Engineering and Sewage Filtration Company

Perkins Institute for the Blind, Boston

Perthshire Society of Natural Science

Peto, Brassey and Betts, firm

Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Pharos, ship

Philadelphia Commercial Museum

Philadelphia. hospital

Philadelphia Museum

Philadelphia. public library

Philoperisteron Society

Pickford's, firm

Photographic Society of London

Physical Society of London

Plumb Point Lighthouse, Jamaica

Polaris, ship

Polhem, ship

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute


Poor Law Board

Poor Law Commission

Poor Law Union

Portland Prison

Portsmouth and Portsea Literary and Philosophical Society

Preston Mechanics' Institute

Princess Royal, ship

Privy Council Office

Provern, ship

Provident Society

Psychical Congress (21–25 August 1893), Chicago

Puffing Billy, locomotive

Pullman Palace Car Company

Purtyall, India. diamond mines