Science in the 19th Century Periodical

Bakewell Grammar School

Balliol College, Oxford

Balloon Society of Great Britain

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Baltimore Manual Training School

Bank of England

Baptist Missionary Society

Barclay and Perkins, firm

Barnum's American Museum, New York

Barrow Iron and Steel Company, Barrow-in-Furness

Bath Literary and Philosophical Society

Battersea Polytechnic Institute

Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich

Bedminster Poor Law Union Workhouse

Bee, steamship

Beggar's Bridge, Glaisdale

Bell Rock Lighthouse, Angus, Scotland

Ben Nevis Observatory

Benwell Colliery, near Newcastle-upon Tyne

Berlin Medical Congress

Bermuda, ship

Berwick Poor-Law Union

Bethlehem Royal Hospital

Big Ben

Birmingham and Midland Institute

Blackfriars Bridge

Blackwall Tunnel

Blair Tourograph & Dry Plate Company

Blenheim Street Anatomy School

Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum, New York

Bloomsbury Dispensary

Board of Education

Board of Health

Board of Ordnance

Board of Trade

Bombay Geographical Society

Boston Natural History Society

Boston Society of Natural History

Botanical Society of London

Botanical Gardens, Liverpool

Bordeaux. medical society

Bow Street Magistrates' Court

Bray's Traction Engine Company

Brewer, Watson and Company, Titusville, PA

Bridewell, prison

Bridge of the Holy Trinity, Florence

Bridge Street, Blackfriars

Bridgewater Canal

Brienne. military college

Brighton Aquarium Company

Brighton Higher Grade Board School Natural History Club

Brighton. Gideon A Mantell's museum

Bristol Infirmary

Bristol Nursery Library

Bristol School of Chemistry

Britannia Bridge, Menai Straits

British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

British and Foreign Bible Society

British and Foreign Bible Society—City of London Auxiliary

British and Foreign Blind Association

British and Foreign Institute

British and Foreign School Society

British Anti-Tobacco Society

British Archaeological Association

British Archaeological Society

British Association for the Advancement of Science

British College of Health

British Medical Association

British Mineralogical Society

British Museum

British Museum (Natural History)

British Women's Temperance Association

Brixton House of Correction—Treadmill

Brompton Hospital, Frimley

Brown, John I., & Sons, Boston, MA

Brunswick Theatre

Buckingham Palace

Bullock's Museum, Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly

Bureau des Longitude, Paris

Burford's Panorama, Leicester Square