Science in the 19th Century Periodical

Early Rising Association

East India Company

East India Company—Army

East India Marine Society, Salem, Massachusetts—Museum

East Lancashire Railway Company

East London Hospital for Children and Dispensary for Women

East London Water Works

Eastern Counties Railway Company

Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

Eddystone Lighthouse

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Edinburgh Sessional School

Edinburgh School of Arts

Edinburgh Society for Relief of the Destitute Sick

Edison Electric Light Company

Edmond's (Mrs) Menagerie

Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly

Eira, ship

El Monastir, ship

El Tousson, ship

Electric Power Light and Colour Company

Electric Telegraph Company

Elgin Botanic Garden

Elmira Reformatory, New York State

English Geological Survey

English India Rubber Company

Enterprise, ship

Entomological Society of London

Erie Railroad

Ermack, ship

Ethnological Society of London

Etna (Mount), Sicily

Eton College, Berkshire

Evangelical Missionary Society of Basel

Exeter Exchange—Arcade

Exeter Exchange—Royal Menagerie

Exeter Hall, Strand

Exposition Universelle (1855), Paris

Exposition Universelle (1867), Paris

Exposition Universelle (1889), Paris

Exposition Universelle Internationale (1900), Paris

Express, ship