Science in the 19th Century Periodical

La Gloire, ship

Ladies Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland

Ladies' College, Bedford Square

Ladies' National Association for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice

Ladies' National Association for the Diffusion of Hygienic Knowledge

Ladies' National Association for the Diffusion of Sanitary Knowledge

Lambeth Water Works Company

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company

Lancet—Analytical Sanitary Commission

Lancliffe and W. Hawkes jun. (Messrs.), Newcastle upon Tyne

Laubenières (Messrs)

Lawes and Co. (Messrs)

Le Moyne Normal Institute, Memphis

Le Newton, ship

Leeds Agricultural Society

Leeds Grammar School

Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society

Lena, ship

Leverian Museum

Lincoln's Inn

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Linnean Society

Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester

Literary and Philosophical Society of New York

Literary Institution, Leicester Square

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Liverpool College

Liverpool College of Chemistry

Liverpool Museum

Liverpool Royal Institution

Liverpool Town Council

Liverpool Zoological Society

Local Government Board

Loddiges (Conrad) & Sons, firm

London and Birmingham Railway

London and Blackwall Railway

London and Brighton Railway

London and Eastern Banking Corporation

London and North-Western Railway Company

London and South-Western Railway Company

London and Westminster Chartered Gaslight and Coke Company

London Athletic Club

London Bridge

London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Company

London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Company

London County Council

London Court of Bankruptcy

London Dialectical Society

London Dispensary for the Relief of the Poor Afflicted with the Diseases of the Eye and Ear

London District Telegraph Company

London Electrical Society

London Fever Hospital

London Fruiterers' Company

London Homeopathic Hospital

London Homeopathic Hospital Medical School

London Hospital

London Mechanics Institution

London Missionary Society

London Peristernoic Society

London Phrenological Institute

London Phrenological Society

London Pneumatic Despatch Company

London School Board

London Scottish Rifle Volunteers

London Sea Water Company

London Society for the Protection of Young Females

London Spiritualist Alliance

London Stereoscopic Company

London Surgical Home

Longmans, firm

Longships Lighthouse, Cornwall

Longstone Lighthouse, Northumberland

Lord's Day Observance Society

Lowther Arcade, Strand

Lunacy Commission

Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Paris


Lyceum, theatre

Lyceum, theatre—Bartley's Orrery